Super Saturday - October 2017

WhenSaturday, October 21, 2017 at 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM
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WhereKeefe Regional Technical School
750 Winter Street
Framingham, MA 01702

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ContactAndrea Bellarosa
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Join us on Saturday, October 21, 2017 for a full-day of worship, workshops and networking. 

Great Day, Great Price!  Cost includes, morning worship, 2 workshops, an optional lunch activity, continental breakfast, buffet lunch, marketplace and closing worship.

Participants will be able to attend two 90-minute workshops related to various aspects of church life, mission and ministries, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

In addition, participants have the option of attending a 30-minute table conversation or forum during one of the mid-day lunch periods. See descriptions inside this brochure and register early, as spaces will fill.


1.  Noel Andersen
Is your congregation interested in becoming an immigrant welcoming and/or sanctuary congregation?
Learn the step by step process from experts in the field from UCC Justice and Witness Ministries and Church World Service experts who are doing on the ground community organizing. Learn how to educate, mobilize and organize your congregation around immigrant and refugee issues in response to the unwelcoming political narratives of these time. 


2.  Being a Local Church Moderator
Being a local church moderator is both commendable and complex. While the role of moderator is slightly different in every congregation, there are elements that are essential to every congregation. What you need to know is here! 
Rev. Jill Graham, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC

3.  What We've Learned From Vital Congregations
Our UCC has been doing ongoing research on churches that have come alive in their faith and ministry. They have found some common threads in church life and leadership skills. Come and learn the elements that are essential to help your church be healthy, faithful and effective in the changing landscape of ministry. 
Rev. Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC


4.  Never Forgotten: The Comfort of Spirituality in Dementia
Dementia is a slow, progressive, relentless disease process that robs a person of independence, cognitive and physical functions. Emotions and spirituality though are not lost as "we are spiritual beings having a human experience." This workshop will offer ways of spiritually connecting and comforting through religious activities, pastoral care and life review throughout the stages of dementia.
Rev. Donna Vuilleumier, Kindred Hospice Spiritual and Bereavement Counselor

5.  Building Relationships with the Elderly: A Course of Community and Faith in Action
Building Relationships with the Elderly is a course of instruction to help those "called to care" to interact with the elderly in meaningful ways. It also provides an opportunity to deepen their own faith and spirituality. Curriculum includes classes on visiting with those with Alzheimer's, how to pray, sacred listening, grief and loss, etc. 
Rev. Kimberly J. Murphy Former Executive Director of the Plymouth, Cape, and Islands Mission Hub for the Episcopal Diocese of MA and Daniel Horgan, Deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of MA

6.   CANCELED -All in This Together: Support on the Rollercoaster of Illness 

7. Simplifying Your Church Structure and Growing Your Church
This workshop will help your church to shift its focus from meetings to ministry. It will help you to see why too much structure keeps you from moving forward, and how minimizing your structure can maximize your ministries.
Doug Bixby, Church Consultant


8.  Love Your Muslim Neighbors 
Learn practical steps on how to build interfaith relationships of solidarity with local Muslim Communities. 
Rev. Corey J. Sanderson, Pastor, Second Cong. Church, UCC Greenfield, has been working closely with Muslim organizations and leaders in MA to help fight the rising anti-Muslim sentiment and Islamophobia. 

9.  Can We Talk? - Conversation in Such a Time as This
This is a time of great division in our country, and in our churches. Though we may never all agree, we will not move forward unless we can engage in civil discourse with one another. In this workshop, we seek to offer a beginning point for conversation in difficult and divisive situations.
Rev. Kelly Gallagher, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC


10.  Safe Conduct/Safe Church
The term "safe church" has been used for many years to describe programs to protect children, youth, and adults from abuse. The Insurance Board has adopted the term SafeConductTM to refer more broadly to organizational conduct and personal behaviors that impact both children and adults. Providing a safe place for all is one of the core values of our mission and ministry.
Debra Moore, Commissioned Minister of Faith Formation, Edwards Church of Northampton, MA and member of the MACUCC CE Certification Task Team and Nancy Sides, Coordinator of Christian Education at First Congregational Church of Westminster, MA

11.  Christian Education and Formation for the 21st Century
Do you wonder if your church's families are getting the most out of the Christian education programming that your church offers? This workshop will help you to examine the goals for Christian education in your congregation and brainstorm ways to meet them while adapting to the current cultural, digital, commitment shifts your church families are experiencing.
Debbie Gline Allen, Christian Education Consultant for the MACUCC


12.  Transforming Youth Ministry- Hint- They Don't Care What You Know!
Most people involved in faith formation would agree that ministry with middle and high schoolers is filled with uncertainty at best! In this new landscape of religion and church, how do we live out transformative ministry through our youth? Discover some best practices for faith formation and youth ministry in this hands-on, interactive workshop, and come to share your own. 
Rev. Matt Carriker, Pastor, Agape Spiritual Community Church

13.  "SNAP": Youth Ministry Program Planning 
Whether you are looking to coordinate and plan a high school aged faith formation class or plan a youth group program, Anne Marie Holloway will share creative ways in which youth ministry program planning is "So Not A Problem" (SNAP)! 
Anne Marie Holloway, Minister of Youth Education at United Church of Christ in Norwell, MA. She has spent almost twenty five years working with youth, children and their families across multiple settings. 


14. CANCELED -Introduction to Racial Justice Training

15.  Examining the Impact & Intent of a Church's Goal to be Racially Inclusive
In this workshop, you will be provided with an overview of how a church might become more inclusive of all races, and provide an evaluative plan to measure its progress. We will also show how a church might not be racially inclusive -- even though a church attempts to be -- and provide a checklist to work toward.
TJ Harper, Associate for Racial Justice Ministries, MACUCC & CTUCC


16.  Declaring Sanctuary? A Discernment Process for Churches
Is your church considering the idea of Sanctuary? Are some people in your congregation gung-ho while others are hesitant, resistant, or even flatly opposed to the process? During our time together we will review and discuss ways to walk through the discernment process of how your church may plug in. We will connect this issue to its biblical roots, discuss and name real considerations as you move forward, and consider alternative ways for churches or individuals to become involved.
Rev. Dawn Adams, Designated Pastor, First Cong. Church, Brimfield and Rev. John Allen, Pastor, First Cong. Church, Milton

17.  Considering Civil Disobedience in a Time Such as This
In response to a resurgent interest in the spiritual practice of civil disobedience, Jim will share his insights and experience as a life-time student of and practitioner of non-violence. How do we testify to the light of truth (John 18:37) as leaders use their power to plunge the world into darkness? How do we protect God's great gift of creation when those seeking only profit destroy creation as a daily sacrifice and thus extinguish the hopes and possibilities of our children? Together we will explore the joy and freedom of direct action, along with the theory, historical examples, practical possibilities and your questions about civil disobedience.
Rev. Jim Antal, Mass Conference Minister and President

18.  "Sanctuary in the Streets" 101
Ready to get to work? Introductory workshop on solidarity tactics such as rapid response and accompaniment, and guidance on how to connect with the wider Sanctuary Network in your area.
Rev. Liz Garrigan-Byerly, Associate Pastor, Wellesley Village Church


19.  We Vote, We Win - Environmental Ministry - National Voter Registration
We vote, We win. The majority of US citizens are concerned with climate change yet we have a national direction of denial and policies against protecting and nurturing God's creations. How do we get out the vote and demand change? 
Ernest O. Edwards, Environmental Activist


20.  The Many Ways to Wear Your Rainbow Flag!
Is your congregation ONA? How are you living and breathing into your ONA covenant? How do you wear your rainbow flag? Need some fashion tips? Join in a conversation with other ONA congregations and GLBTQII folk in ways churches and people of faith can be actively welcoming and advocating through their ONA practices. 
Rev. Karla Jean Miller, Minister for Community Life, First Church of Christ in Marblehead, MA


21.  No More Deacons: How a Unified Board Saved Westfield Church
Fifteen years ago, Westfield Church was about to close. Through a series of tough decisions--including changing their governance structure--this congregation is thriving once more. Hear from their pastor about how a new governance structure liberated their church from the shackles of a dated institution and get ideas how it might work at your church, too!
Rev. Jonathan Chapman, Pastor, Westfield Church, Danielson, CT


22.  Whole Notes: Encouraging Spiritual Connections through Music
An interactive opportunity to discover how singing, drumming and improvisation can deepen active listening skills and encourage spiritual interconnectivity.
Pamela Wannie, Minister of Music, South Congregational Church, Centerville, MA and Adam Wannie

23.  ReMythologizing Christianity
Adapting the work of Joseph Campbell and Karen Armstrong to reenergize our faith, rediscover life as mystery, and balance our rational, scientific, technological world with imagination and wonder. 
Alan Gilburg, a graduate of Union Theological Seminary, pastor, former owner of Gilburg Leadership, Inc., and now a "professional volunteer" 


24.  Your Church's Budget - We Need To Talk!
A church budget should support a congregation's ministries. But what is a well-balanced church budget? How should a congregation think strategically about its income and expenses, especially in light of such things as its age demographic? And how does all of this relate to a congregation's overall vitality? This workshop will help church leaders get a handle on their congregation's finances so they can better support their church's ministries, and suggest strategies for well-balanced and faithful budgets. NOTE: Bring your most recent church budget! People who should consider this workshop: treasurers, moderators, trustees, and pastors.
Rev. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC and Rev. Quentin Chin, Chaplain, Soldier On, Pittsfield and Interim Pastor

25.  Capital Campaigns are Fun
An introduction to the opportunities for raising significant funds for your church and having a deeply spiritually enriching and enjoyable time! The presenter is an experienced and highly successful campaign consultant who will outline the process of deciding to move forward with a campaign, choosing a consultant, conducting a feasibility study and organizing a capital campaign that will benefit your church for decades.
Rev. Jay M Terbush, Interim Pastor, First Church of Christ, Longmeadow, MA


26.  It's Saturday -- Let's Do Church! -- Revitalizing Through a New Contemporary Service
An additional service, on late Saturday afternoon, with contemporary music and geared towards young families, has revitalized our church -- perhaps it might work for you! Hear how we got started, what has worked, and what the challenges have been.
Rev. Reed Baer, Senior Pastor, and Rev. Christie Burns, Associate Pastor, West Parish Barnstable, MA

27.  Creative Worship!
Worship is meant to be a space that explores the myriad of beautiful ways to feel the presence of God in community! Come and explore some of the unique ways to encounter God in worship through Word, music, movement, imagery, and liturgy. Whether clergy or lay persons, come and share in ideas that might spark the Spirit in your worship!
Rev. Holly Norwick, Pastor, First Christian Cong. Church of Swansea and Gregg LeMay, Director of Music Ministry 


L1.  Shared Lunch and Networking
GRAB YOUR LUNCH AND THE JOIN CONVERSATION!   This unstructured networking lunch will give you the opportunity to eat lunch with other attendees to discuss best practices and other topics.   

L2.  Immigration and Refugee Task Force Movie 
Members of the MACUCC Immigration and Refugee Task Force will present a short video addressing the immigration and refugee crisis in the US. A brief discussion will follow. Come to learn and to make connections with others who are concerned about our neighbors. 

L3.  Together As One - The UCC in Southern New England – Sharing your Questions and Perspectives 
As voted by the June 2017 joint Annual Meeting of the Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts Conferences, a proposal is now being developed to create a Southern New England UCC Conference.  That proposal will be brought to the joint Annual Meeting of our three Conferences on June 15-16, 2018.  Please bring your comments and questions to the Planning Team who will host this important conversation. 



28.  Whole Church Evaluations
One of the challenges in our churches is evaluating staff. There are many models out there and many of them create more challenges and harm than good. We'll look at an approach that incorporates staff evaluations into a comprehensive plan for vision and vitality in the church. We will explore the best practices, principals and strategies involved in this process. Bring a team of church folks to learn more about how the whole church can be fine tuned as it carries out God's work. 
Rev. Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC


29.  Church Websites: Platforms and Possibilities
Together, we will 1) explore some inspiring church websites; 2) look at some of the latest platforms for creating websites; and 3) on a volunteer basis only - give one another constructive feedback on our own websites.
Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communications, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conferences

30.  To Logo or Not: Branding Your Church
Hear from a professional marketer and a pastor who revived a congregation.  Learn about creative ways to promote your congregation and present a consistent brand throughout all of your programs.
Rev. Jonathan Chapman, Pastor, Westfield Church, Killingly, CT and Amie Simas, Director of Christian Education, Westfield Church, Killingly, CT


31.  CANCELED - Where was God? Facing Theological Challenges When a Child Dies

32.  The Opioid Crisis: How Churches Can Help
Most of our churches include members affected by the opioid crisis, but often their stories are hidden. They don't tell the pastor or ask for prayers, for fear they will be judged, rather than helped. Come discuss strategies for breaking the silence in our churches, improving our care and strengthening the faith and health of all.
Rev. Susan Grant Rosen, served UCC churches in NH and VT. She has been working with churches in Western MA and NH around the opioid crisis. Before entering the ministry, she spent 25 years in human services, including work in drug abuse prevention and treatment. 

33.  Choosing and Honoring Healthcare Choices
The MACUCC is a new partner with Honoring Choices whose mission is to inform and empower adults to make health care choices that assure that they will get the best possible care while honoring individual care goals, values & choices all through life. This partnership provides free, downloadable health care planning information and easy-to-use tool kits to make your health care plan. This workshop is an opportunity to look at these choices based upon faith beliefs and personal values and how to have these conversations in your congregation.
Rev. Donna Vuilleumier, Kindred Hospice Spiritual and Bereavement Counselor and Rev. Lee Atherton


34.  The Variety of Vitality
Churches who have begun to flourish in faithful and effective ways will share their stories of how they got there. They tell how they went from complacency and decline to vitality and vision. They'll share the impact it has had on their church and their communities. 
MACUCC, Church Development Council Members

35.  Community Ministry, the Cooperative Model for Sustainable Ecclesia (church).
This workshop will offer an experience of cooperative ministry. Attendees will learn the techniques of shared ministry and how this model can be applied to their home church. We hope to inspire a cooperative ministry practice that fits with the individual setting and encourages growth from within and from outside the current boundaries.
Rev. Lance Humphrey & Rev. Kyle Ondricek

36.  Change Your Questions, Change Your Church
We don't have all the answers, but we have some powerful questions! We believe the quality of our mission and ministry depends on the power of our questions. Is your church asking how it can raise more money? How can you get more people to come to worship? What if those questions are the problem. Come learn more about how Jesus used questions to open the door to greater awareness and transformation. We will discuss the art of leading with questions that get to the heart of the matter, rather than trying to persuade your church with your advice. Bring your questions, and we will bring ours! 
Rev. Todd Weir, Pastor, First Churches of Northampton, MA. Trained Life and Leadership Coaches through Coaching4Clergy and Rev. Sarah Buteux


37.  Climate Change: Your Church - God's Call
God's creation is now undergoing the most radical changes in 55 million years. In June the national UCC made clear our commitment to protect God's creation in a statement and a national Synod resolution both written Jim Antal. We will address WHY this is the greatest moral challenge humanity has ever faced, HOW climate change is already amplifying all other justice issues, and HOW your church can make this a core part of your mission.
Rev. Jim Antal, Mass Conference Minister and President


38.  CANCELLED! I Have a Great Idea for a Book . . .


39.  Open and Affirming 2.0: Language, Liturgy and Landscape
ONA is more than just a rainbow flag! Come learn about the language and terms used in the LGBTQ community, how to make your liturgy more inclusive and expansive regarding gender and sexuality, and ways to make your actual church space more welcoming to LGBTQ people. Bring your questions, insights and open hearts!
Katie Omberg, Director of Community Engagement, City Mission Society and Sara Holland, Christian Education/Director, Hingham Congregational Church


40.  Can Children be Liturgical Artists?
Worship visuals and liturgical art do not refer to simply "decorating" the sanctuary to make it attractive, Liturgical art is not a Sunday school craft, it is a created proclamation, prayer, and praise. Can children be your churches liturgical artists? Using symbols, colors and textures instead of words, worship visuals interpret the good news. They are a means of preaching the gospel at all times to all ages. Visual arts can bridge a child to the Gospel, it is a natural form of child communication, yes, your church children from 0-100 years of age can be a Liturgical artist. Come gain inspiration and share our experiences.
Sally Tomasetti, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Wellesley Hills Congregational Church 

41.  Choosing and Adapting Curriculum Resources
Do the curriculum materials used in your education programs tend to fall short of your expectations? That is because the publisher does not know your congregation like you do. This workshop will provide guidance in evaluating, selecting, and adapting Christian education curriculum materials to meet the needs of your particular congregation.
Debbie Gline Allen, Christian Education Consultant for the MACUCC


42.  Human Trafficking: It is Happening in Your Neighborhood!
This workshop will describe human trafficking, a modern-day form of slavery and a social justice issue, which is now happening in every state in the United States and globally. Participants will learn about labor and sex trafficking, how to recognize the signs of trafficking, and what the church can do to advocate for victims and survivors. The UCC Norwell HT Awareness Ministry Team will share how winning one of six $10,000 UCC Neighbors in Need GrassTop grants is helping them form a regional coalition, develop human trafficking awareness events, promote purchasing Fair Trade items, and open a safe home for trafficked survivors. 
Marilee Cantelmo and Frank Cantelmo, Co-Founders of UCC Norwell Human Trafficking Awareness Ministry Team 


43.  Conversation & Consultation For New Church Treasurers
The church treasurer is one of the most important and challenging positions in a local church. And starting as a new church treasurer "even for those with related experience" can be daunting. This workshop will provide essential information about and best practices for the position of church treasurer, resources to guide your way, answers to the questions you have about the job from some veteran treasurers, and a place to meet others new to the position. People who should consider this workshop: new church treasurers, those considering becoming one, or any current treasurer looking for an essential grounding in what this work and ministry entails.
Rick Lawrence, Treasurer and Chip Hamblet, Assistant Treasurer, MACUCC Board of Directors

44.  Being a Pastor: It's More Than Sunday Morning
When we list the tasks of ministry, the list becomes very long. What is realistic, especially in the shifting context of church and community? How do we manage the tasks of ministry with part-time clergy?
Rev. Quentin Chin, Chaplain, Soldier On, Pittsfield and Interim Pastor


45.  Crafting Intimate Worship Experiences
At the heart of every worship experience is an opportunity to grow closer to God, ourselves and one another. We'll talk about how to build a sustainable, creative, lay-lead worship service from the ground up. You'll leave the workshop with both practical tools and renewed confidence to lead something in your own setting.
Rev. Alex Shea Will, Associate Pastor, South Church in Andover


46.  Introduction to Racial Justice Training Levels 2 and 3
For those who have, or will be taking Level 1 Racial Justice Training, here is a glimpse into what comes next as we dive deeper into the realms of racism through the lens of the Inclusivity Spectrum.
Rev. Kelly Gallagher, Associate Conference Minister, Justice & Witness, MACUCC

47.  How Can a Predominantly White Congregation Engage in Racial Justice?
This workshop will provide tools that participants can take back to their churches and communities. The goal is to provide a framework for churches who are just starting their journey toward acknowledging the impact of racism has on persons, institutions and culture.
TJ Harper, Associate for Racial Justice Ministries


48.  Spiritual Practices for Congregations
Most people today who aren't already attending church seek church for spiritual formation. Not a meditator? Not disciplined? Don't worry, there's a practice just for you.
Rev. Korte Yeo, Pastor, Chaffin Congregational Church, Holden


49.  Organizing & Energizing Your Youth Group
How do you measure the success of your Youth Group? What works well? What needs "fixing?"
Rev. Terry Martinson, Interim Pastor, Dennis Union Church and author of “Youth Group Seeds: A Practical Guide to Growing a Youth Group” 


50.  Your Money or Your Life: Stories of Stewardship
Do you dread the liturgical season of stewardship in your church? What if our approach to money was as fun, humorous and loving as the telling of a favorite story? As we share biblical and personal stories about money, we move from dread to joy, from fear to trust, from a view of scarcity to abundance. Learn how to bring this spirit of creativity and joy into your church, creating community on the way.
Rev. Cindy Maybeck, founder of Spirit Story ministry, designs original presentations blending biblical and personal storytelling to bring God's word to life and to inspire the church to move forward with faith and hope. She has 24 years of experience as a church pastor and master certification from the Academy for Biblical Storytelling. 

51.  Embracing Stewardship - Talking About Money In Church
"Why is stewardship so stinking difficult?" In Embracing Stewardship, Chick Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy address this issue with a new approach to stewardship that considers why stewardship is hard and gets real about how we can (and must!) talk about money in church more effectively. We'll dive into these issues, focus on changing the church's money conversations, and consider some concrete ways to better inspire church members' generosity. People who should consider this workshop: stewardship committee members, treasurers, moderators, pastors. 
Rev. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Bellarosa -




8:00 am—9:00 am 
Registration, grab a Refreshment/Continental Breakfast and browse the Marketplace

9:00 am—10:15 am
Worship and Rev. Noel Andersen

10:30 am—12:00 pm  
AM Workshops

1:45 pm—3:15 pm
PM Workshops 

12:00 pm—12:45 pm Lunch ONE

12:15 pm—12:45 pm Lunchtime Activity
12:45 pm—1:30 pm
Lunch TWO

1:00 pm—1:30 pm Lunchtime Activity

Attendees will be assigned to one lunch period for eating and visiting the marketplace, and the other for attending a lunchtime activity (if you choose one).

3:25 pm—3:45 pm

The marketplace gives participants a chance to learn about a variety of ministry opportunities and to shop their favorite vendors.

We encourage attendees to carpool and to bring their own reusable water bottles and/or travel mugs. 


$64.00—Late Registration (after October 7 and walk-in price)

$44.00—Groups of 5 or more who register at the same time (registrations post-marked after October 7th will be an additional $10 per group or $46 per person)