A Call to Solidarity with Muslims

Wendy Vander Hart


There is much to consider in these days and as one of our former colleagues quoted a parishioner – “this is not a sprint. And it's not a marathon either. It's a relay. And we'll spell each other.”

RICUCC Town Meeting Update

Barbara Libby


On Sunday afternoon, Jan 29, 2017 an open RI Conference UCC Town Meeting was held at the Marriot Hotel in Providence.

Breathe in the Amazing

Barbara Libby


I have always collected quotes and poetry (as well as images) from all over the place and surrounded myself with such things (on bulletin boards in my home and office) for many years.

Learning How to Offer Mental Health First Aid

Peggy Matteson


Thanks to the Interfaith Counseling Center and Bradley Hospital, ministers and lay leaders have the opportunity later this month to take an eight-hour course on Mental Health First Aid that will give them the skills to help someone over age 18 who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

The Day Our Groaning Will Turn to Glory

Robert Nolan


"We know that the whole creation has been groaning in labor pains until now; and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly while we wait for adoption, the redemption of our bodies." (Romans 8: 22-23)   In January, 1989, TIME magazine named earth "planet of the year" because of the abuse it has taken from mankind. We have hunted hundreds of animals into extinction. We have nearly destroyed the ozone layer, letting in deadly radiation from the...

Peace on Earth

Jennifer Geary


We are at the darkest time of year for our area. 9 hours of light compared with 15 hours of dark. Every person goes through light and dark seasons in their lives; sometimes this coincides with the seasons of our sun and sometimes it doesn't. Neither light nor dark is more right or correct than the other; both are necessary for our health. We need up times and down times, happy times and sad times. It is the fullness of life's experiences that make us whole. God is God of the dark and of the ...

The Middle of Advent Already?

Barbara Libby


The picture above was taken while I attended a National UCC Conference in San Antonio, Texas this past week, where the world is still quite verdant and green and temperatures were in the upper 70's for much of the week.

Let’s Be The Church!

Barbara Libby


Let’s gather. Based on feedback we will hold this round of gatherings for clergy. If you have colleagues in your community who would appreciate a chance to join this conversation bring them along.

It's Time to Register for the Autumnal Meeting!

Barbara Libby


Do you have an interest in the RI Conference of the United Church of Christ? Are you concerned about or curious about what White Privilege is all about? Then this Autumnal Meeting is for you!

An Update on Haiti

Shirley Hardison


We have reached all our key people in each of the schools, community centers and orphanages with which we work. They are all safe -- including the sites in and near Miragoane -- an area that is closer to the part of the country that suffered the most damage. Our prayers are still much needed.

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