Synod, Here We Come!

Barbara Libby


We are quickly coming up on the United Church of Christ’s Synod in Baltimore, Md. which begins this Friday, June 30th and runs through July 4th. Thousands from across the country – both lay and authorized ministers from every Conference as well as the National setting - will gather for General Synod 31.

Don't Call it Messy; Call it Hard

Amy Lignitz Harken


That questions about structure and other administrative matters will be answered as we go may feel messy, even chaotic, to some of us. Our faith, however, calls us to trust that God has a coherent vision, even if we are unable to discern the details of that cohesion from our current vantage point.

Unity in Diversity

Sir John Hargrave


"We do not have to agree on everything, except one: that we are one." —John Hargrave

The Significance of this Tri-Conference Meeting

Barbara Libby


The official call to our RI Conference Annual Meeting has gone out

What Might We Do Together?

Keith Marzilli Ericson


"I find the merger idea exciting because we don't have to do this, but we are choosing to make a bold change." — Keith Marzilli Ericson

The Disconnect

Kent Siladi


We talk about covenant a lot in the United Church of Christ ... However, many among us spend a lot more time living as if we are not connected to one another

A Once-in-Three-Generations Opportunity

Michael Ciba


The 2017 Tri-Conference Annual Meeting on June 16 17 is so much more than another Annual Meeting! You really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really need to be there.

Let's Journey Together

Kurt Walker


" If we are able to faithfully remember that with God all things are possible, than we will find strength for the journey. And, the journey is really what it’s all about." — Rev. Kurt Walker

Show Up

Rochelle Stackhouse


" listen for God’s guidance, to share our visions of church, and to get to know our kin." — Rev. Shelly Stackhouse

A Hope for Syrian Refugees

Eugene Dyszlewski


I would like to invite you to join us for dinner to raise funds for Syrian refugees in Rhode Island. The proceeds will go to A Hope, a Rhode Island based refugee resettlement organization.

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